A next-gen vault platform
FortiFi is a next-gen vault platform offering diversified, single-sided staking for your favorite cryptocurrencies. FortiFi Vaults provides one-click access to diversified and yield-bearing strategies.
When a user deposits funds in FortiFi Vaults, our smart contracts automate the deposited funds to custom yield-generating strategies. These strategies can include platforms such as yield aggregators, lending protocols, and decentralized exchanges.

FortiFi Ecosystem

One of the beauties of DeFi is composability. FortiFi is built to leverage the existing and robust infrastructure of decentralized liquidity. This is a non-exhaustive list of the protocols that are integrated within FortiFi.
Benqi Finance
Money Market & Liquid Staking Token (sAVAX)
DEX & Perpetual Exchange
Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP)
On-Chain Oracles & Price Feeds
Delta Prime
Under-collateralized Lending Protocol
Yield Yak
Yield Aggregator, DEX Aggregator, Liquid-Staking Token (yyAVAX)
Layer 0 VM-Agnostic Blockchain Network
Silo Finance
Lending Protocol
Layer 2 Blockchain Platform
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