FortiFi Token

Fortifi grants holders governance rights over the platform. This includes but is not limited to making decisions over future FortiFi Improvement Proposals (FIPs), new chain deployments, Partnership Programs, and Vaults Incentives.

Full Tokenomic Breakdown

Staked Fort (sFORT) and Voting Fort (VOTE)

Voting Fort - Staking FORT earns users VOTE. VOTE is used to vote on Snapshot protocols and is used within the FortiFi Voting Gauge. VOTE is nontransferable. VOTE can also be earned by staking FORT/AVAX LPs.
Staked Fort - Staking FORT earns users sFORT. sFORT is used as a receipt token for the FORT Vault. sFORT is also used to distribute platform revenue to FORT holders.
Staking FORT in the FORT Vault earns users both sFORT & vFORT

Vault Incentives

FortiFi will be used to reward depositors in the Vaults. By enabling this system of rewarding vault depositors with FORT, we are able to create a small flywheel effect. This is accomplished by rewarding people for staking FORT for VOTE, which enables voting with the FortiFi Voting Gauge.

Early Vault Rewards

During the first several weeks of the platform going live, the Fortifi token will be airdropped to early users. This will be done by using a series of snapshots of the platform depositors. The more a user stakes in a vault and the longer they stake, the larger a percentage of the airdrop will potentially be allocated to them. Snapshots for early user airdrops will not be announced ahead of time.

Long Term Vault Incentives

FortiFi has a Long Term Vault Incentive (LTVI) program that utilizes $FORT to reward depositors in the vaults. This will be done with platform governance to determine which platform vaults receive FORT emissions.

FORT Vesting

18% of FORT tokens are allocated to the team. All Team Tokens will be fully unlocked within 27 months of protocol deployment. Team members have a cliff of 9 months and an 18 month linear unlock. pFORT tokens are also subject to vesting. The vesting terms for all FORT distributions follow a 2-month cliff with a 3-month linear vest.
Total Emissions of FORT

FortiFi (FORT) Contract Address

not live yet.