On-Chain Price Feeds | Powered by DIA Price Oracle

FortiFi’s operations for the assets sAVAX, JOE, GMX, PNG, Grail, swETH, wETH, rETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI are enabled by a custom oracle provided by DIA, delivering robust, real-time asset price feeds for the assets.

Data Sourcing

This oracle utilizes a high-frequency, 120-second data aggregation window and fetches data from a curated list of high-volume exchanges. You can view the feed’s data sources in real-time on the DIA APP or in the asset textlinks above.

Pricing Methodology

The asset’s price calculation employs the Moving Average Price with Interquartile Range (MAIR) methodology. For an in-depth explanation of the pricing mechanisms, consult DIA's Technical Documentation.

Update Mechanism

The smart contract for this oracle employs a deviation-based update mechanism with a 1% threshold. Any price change greater than this value triggers an immediate on-chain update. Additionally, the price feeds update every hour if there are no deviation-based updates.


To view the oracle’s most up-to-date configuration, always refer to the DIA Forum, under Custom Delivery Request CDR #081.

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