Active MultiYields

FortiFI will launch the Early User Access Phase with two initial MultiYield. The initial MultiYield products will be live on Avalanche.

AVAX LST MultiYield (ffWavaxLST)

Thesis: The AVAX LST MultiYield on Avalanche is designed to be a yield-bearing SAMS MultiYield comprised of 100% exposure to AVAX liquid-staking tokens (LSTs). ffWavaxLST accrues yield from Wombat Finance, GoGoPool, and Benqi Finance.

Wombat Exchange is a multichain DeFi platform built on the Avalanche Chain that allows users to swap between different cryptocurrencies. One of its features is the Liquid Staking Pool, which allows users to stake their assets and earn rewards while remaining liquid. Wombat's Liquid Staking Pool is separate from the main swapping pool. This helps to manage the risks associated with yield-bearing tokens. The pool relies on external oracles to determine accurate exchange rates. Because the price of AVAX and the underlying staked assets fluctuate, the redemption exchange rate will gradually increase over time.

Benqi Liquid Staking is a compelling solution for Avalanche (AVAX) token holders who want to contribute to network security and earn staking rewards while maintaining asset liquidity. In exchange for your AVAX deposit, users receive sAVAX, a liquid derivative token. sAVAX represents your staked AVAX and any accumulated staking rewards. The Avalanche network's staking rewards generate interest, which sAVAX automatically accumulates. You earn passively, without actively managing your stake.

ggAVAX is a liquid staking token on the Avalanche blockchain developed by GoGoPool. It enables users to stake their AVAX tokens while maintaining access to them in usable form. You can continue to earn rewards on your AVAX even if it is in the form of ggAVAX. GoGoPool captures MEV using its infrastructure and distributes a portion of the profits to ggAVAX holders, increasing overall returns for liquid stakeholders.

minimum deposit value for the AVAX LST MultiYield = 0.00000000001 $WAVAX

Composition: sAVAX & ggAVAX


  1. Wombat Autocompounding ggAVAX LP | 50.0%

  2. Wombat Autocompounding sAVAX LP | 50.0%

Avalanche Stability MultiYield (ffavaSV)

Thesis: The Avalanche Stability MultiYield is designed to be a yield-bearing MASS MultiYield comprised of ~90% Stablecoin exposure. ffavaSV accrues yield from GMX, Delta Prime, and Benqi Finance.

GMX is a decentralized exchange for cryptocurrency derivatives. GMX V1 utilizes GLP, which is a liquidity provider token for the exchange. Users deposit assets to mint GLP and earn a share of the exchange's fees (70%), as well as staking rewards. GLP itself is not tradable, but it generates passive income through fees and stakes. GLP is composed of a basket of assets including BTC.b, WBTC, AVAX, WETH.e, USDC, USDC.e (with ~43%) allocated to stablecoins. GLP enables the Avalanche Stability Yield to gain incredible real yield in a relatively stable asset with an unprecedented track record for success. FortiFi utilizes Yield Yak to automatically compound all earned rewards and fees back into the liquidity provision strategy.

Delta Prime is an undercollateralized lending protocol in which liquidity providers can earn interest from borrowers leveraging positions in the Prime Accounts. Delta Prime is an example of "real yield" thesis, allowing users to earn AVAX for depositing AVAX, ETH for depositing ETH, USDC for depositing USDC, and more. This system enables the Stability MultiYield to derive yield on $USDC and $USDT with minimimal economic risk to positions. Delta Prime offers 5 on-going security integrations to manage smart contracts and user deposits, as well as have passed several successful audits over their past 1+ year of existence.

Benqi Finance is an Lending Market on Avalanche. This money market enables users to borrow assets with an interest rate, which is paid back to depositors. Users can stake $BTC.b, $AVAX. $WETH.e, and more to earn another form of real yield, as well as $QI emissions. The Avalanche Stability MultiYield utilizes Yield Yak to automatically compound all accrued rewards from the Benqi Finance into pure $USDC rewards for MultiYield depositors.

minimum deposit value for the Avalanche Stability MultiYield = 0.03 $USDC

Composition: USDC, USDT, GLP (Comprised of BTC.b, AVAX, USDC, USDC.e, WETH.e)


  1. GMX Autocompounding GLP Loop | 25.0%

  2. Delta Prime USDC Autocompounding Liquidity Provision | 30.0%

  3. Delta Prime USDT Autocompounding Liquidity Provision | 30.0%

  4. Benqi Autocompounding USDC Loop | 15.0%

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