Partnership Season 1

Partnership Season 1 will be the first leg of the Partnership Program. This first season will last for the duration of 2023. Partnership Season 2 will start on Jan 1, 2024. The Season 1 partner will be Ryu NFT.

The partnership comes with a dedicated UI for the MultiYield. The main benefit for Ryu NFT holders will be the addition of Token-gated discounts for the inaugural SAMS MultiYield. The token gate information can be found below

Token Gate Info

The AVAX LST MultiYield will have a reduced performance fee for Ryu Gen1 and Ryusaurs.

Ryu Gen1 Contract: 0x13d933EB47F41cBC0687376622D03A8Da10fEaB6 (avalanche)

Ryusaur Contract: 0x994afdf17f6ae877986d1e6791819c36a6e12ff4 (avalanche)

The Avalanche Stability MultiYield will have a reduced performance fee for Ryu Gen2 and Ryusaurs.

Ryu Gen2 Contract: 0xa9de371071e96e2c9e3a907e5c561a6738302eb1 (avalanche)

Ryusaur Contract: 0x994afdf17f6ae877986d1e6791819c36a6e12ff4 (avalanche)

MultiYield Discounts

NFT holders receive larger discounts on fees for holding more NFTs. 1 NFT will get you the entry discount, and holding 10 will provide the maximum discount.

Tiered Performance Fees

  • Non-Holder Performance Fee: 8%

  • 1 NFTHolder Performance Fee: 6%

  • 3 NFTs Holders Performance Fee: 5.5%

  • 5 NFTs Holder Performance Fee: 5%

  • 7 NFTs Holders Performance Fee: 4.5%

  • 10 NFTs Holders Performance Fee: 4%

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