Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find our FortiFi frequently asked questions

  1. Why is my "User deposited" amount less than the amount I entered?

A: FortiFi MultiYields swap deposited funds into multiple assets to earn yield. During this process, there can be a slight difference (slippage) between the expected amount and the actual amount deposited, due to market volatility. This slippage is typically between 0.0% - 0.3% per strategy.

  1. Why does it cost 0.1-0.3 AVAX in gas fees to deposit into a FortiFi MultiYield?

A: FortiFi bundles 69-100 individual transactions into a single click for each MultiYield. This reduces the number of clicks you need but incurs a slightly higher gas fee (0.1-0.3 AVAX) compared to a single transaction. However, it's important to note that FortiFi itself doesn't charge any deposit or withdrawal fees. This gas fee is purely a network fee.

  1. What is the difference between "Deposit" and "Add"?

A: To create a new position in a MultiYield, select Deposit. Each deposit creates a unique Receipt Token (NFT) to represent the underlying position. Selecting "Add" will deposit new funds to an existing Position (Receipt Token). To "Add" to a position requires the user to have an existing position or receipt token from a MultiYield.

  1. What is the Rebalance section?

A: Rebalancing lets you switch to a new MultiYield strategy (if available). Rebalancing is optional - your existing holdings continue earning yield. Only rebalance for a new strategy, otherwise, it's unnecessary and may be a waste of gas.

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